Meet and Greet Services

Make travelling easier !

Our main goal is to insure you the fastest and easiest transfer possible in the Caribbean airports by offering a complete range of services which will considerably reduce your connecting time and the hassle of your travels.

Our teams in St. Martin, St. Barthelemy, Antigua and on other Caribbean islands will be pleased to welcome you at your arrival and to guide you to you connecting flight in the blink of an eye.

Forget about all the constraints related to travels such as waiting at the customs formalities clearance, the weight of your luggage, the lines at the check-in counters... 

The St Barth R Way agents will be there for you to provide a personalized support in order to avoid all of these long and strenuous steps.

Whatever connecting flight, St Barth R Way is a guarantee of time reduction at airports. In addition, we offer also a luggage delivery service and organize transport of passengers to your hotel or villa with a private driver or a taxi.

The day of your departure, the St Barth R Way team will pick up your luggage wherever you are staying and will check them in in advance at the airline counters.

This will enable you to show up at the airport only 30 minutes before take-off, the sufficient time for us to hand you all of your travelling documents and to escort you to your plane or helicopter.

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