Luggages services

St Barth R Way offers a comprehensive luggage service

  • Picking up of your luggage from your location
  • Delivery of your luggage at your arrival
  • Tracking of your luggage (in case they are not on your flight or missing)
  • Oversized luggage (surf equipment, golf, …)

Baggage allowance

Your checked luggage must not exceed a total weight of 20kgs (or 23kgs depending on the airline company) and 5kgs for your carry-on bag. However, in case of overweight, additional charges may apply.

Baggage check-in

Depending on the airline company with which you travel, you may not be able to check them through to your final destination.

Safety Rules

  • Prohibited items in cabin : lighters, batteries, fireworks, toxic substances, combustible liquid, mercury thermometer, sculpted and sharp items (that is not an exhaustive list)
  • The amounts of gel, liquid, cream and aerosol should not exceed 100ml and must be placed in clear bags
  • Infant food and drugs are allowed but they must be reported
  • Articles "Duty Free" purchased during your connections are allowed
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