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St Barthelemy - St Maarten

Choosing the VIP service on departure from Saint Barthelemy is to ensure that you enjoy your stay on the island until the last moment.
The day before your departure, our agents will reconfirm your flights with the airlines, and will contact you (you, your hotel or your concierge) in order to organize the collection of your luggage and travel documents for the next day.

On D-day, we will pick up your luggage and passports at the agreed time (between 1h15 and 2h before your flight). Our agent will tell you the time to meet us at the airport (15 to 30 minutes before boarding).
We will check in your luggage and make sure it gets to its destination.

Please note that depending onthe airline, we will be able tocheck you and your luggage toyour final destination.

Upon arrival at the airport, a VIP agent will meet you and give you all your travel documents: passports, boarding passes, baggage receipts, immigration forms (if necessary)...
He will then escort you to the security filter and show you your boarding gate.
When the time comes, he will accompany you to your plane and wish you a pleasant journey home, before informing our agents on the other side of your arrival.

Once you land at the Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten, you will meet our agent at the foot of the plane or at the entrance of the terminal (this will be specified to you in advance). He will assist you with your hand luggage and escort you through the terminal, if necessary through immigration.
You will check in together at your airline's counter, with your luggage, which will be made available in advance by our agents.

If the check-in to your destination has been possible, then you have already received your new boardingpass, you will be escorted directly to the departure lounge, thus avoiding immigration.

Once check-in is complete, our agent will escort you to the departure lounge and direct you to the VIP Lounge (if available) and nearby stores, so you can relax before your departure.
He will make sure that everything is in order before leaving and wish you a safe flight.

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